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Nazife (Naz) Oruc Baci

Nazife (Naz) Oruc Baci is a research assistant at the School of Environmental, Civil, Agriculture, and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Georgia. She is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering department from the University of Pamukkale in Denizli/TURKEY. While working as a PhD student and research assistant at Harran University, she gained her second master’s degree from the University of Alabama with the scholarship she was entitled to from the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Her research interests include drought, 2D- flood inundation models, Flood risk maps and calibration, as well as characterizing the litter transport during wet weather events in communities. One of her biggest goals is to bring benefits to her country and humanity by uniting the academy, industry and states. She enjoys spending time with her friends, workout, painting, hiking, traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures, and watching informative documentaries in her spare time.