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The Tybee Island Natural Infrastructure Master Plan provides recommendations on integrated nature-based features to help the island better absorb and recover from more frequent storms and flooding caused by rising, warming seas. Developed in collaboration with the University of Georgia and numerous local, state, and federal partners, the plan assesses flood risks and adaptation solutions, with a particular focus on areas near the tidal marsh that borders Tybee Island’s marsh shoreline.

The Tybee Island Natural Infrastructure Master Plan includes an array of prioritized design options, available for implementation independently and in combination for consideration by Tybee Island City Council. The preliminary designs meet the 50-60 percent design criteria required by the conditions of the NFWF grant. The plan also considers the risks of doing nothing and the subsequent impact on natural habitats, properties, and vital infrastructure.


Team Members

Dr. Brian Bledsoe, Dr. Clark Alexander, Jill Gambill, Dr. Felix Santiago-Collazo, Dr. John Calabria, Dr. Craig Landry, Dr. Alison Smith, Dr. Alfie Vick

Student Collaborators: Nicholas Bradley, Daniel Buhr, Matt Chambers, Haley Selsor, Sara Mallon, Bob Deng, Kate Winters


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