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UGA has partnered with the NOAA Southeast River Forecast Center and its chief hydrologist, John Schmidt, to develop a real-time compound flood forecast model for the St. John River watershed in Florida. The project will involve developing state-of-the-art numerical models that could simulate coastal and hydrologic processes in real time. This model is urgently needed by the St. John River Watershed community since several cities (Astor and Sanford) that lie upstream of several of its lake systems (Lake George, Monroe, and Harney) rely only on flood forecasts that do not consider the backwater effects from high-wind events. Thus, these communities can be flooded without warning due to the lack of a compound flood model.



Team Members

UGA: Dr. Felix Santiago-Collazo, Luciana Iannone Tarcha, Dennis Granados Duran, and Olive Duncan

NOAA Southeast River Forecast Center: John Schmidt, Emma Collins