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The UGA team will review existing plans, tools, and data, including the Roadway Vulnerability Assessment GIS model, to identify additional data for integration into “compound” flooding data that considers: (a) sunny day flooding, (b) storm surge flooding, and (c) select design rainfall events for the CORE MPO metropolitan planning area.

Rainfall-runoff data will consist of flood modeling using a form of the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). A version of this model will be made available as a deliverable to assess land use changes on runoff. Additional deliverables will include hydrographs at select locations within the stormwater infrastructure


Team Members

Dr. Matthew Bilskie, Dr. Felix Santiago-Collazo, Dr. Brian Bledsoe, Dr. Clark Alexander, Shana Jones, Scott Pippin, Ed DiTommaso

Student Collaborators: Lina Caro and Jack Robider