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Previous projects at this site have focused on creating shallow water impoundments to capture incoming flooding from the Big Muddy River to alleviate flood levels at the Mississippi River and its downstream communities, such as Cape Girardeau. These floodplain reconnection features hold a certain amount of volume that enhances the flora and fauna of the region and infiltrates/evaporates to reduce the flood levels at the main river.

This project seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the cumulative impact of completed projects
  2. Which pending projects (at what scale) provide the most benefit?
  3. How can the benefits of the pending project be optimized?

Location: Jackson County, IL, Mississippi, and Big Muddy River confluence, multiple project sites in Shawnee National Forest.


Team Members

UGA: Dr. Felix Santiago-Collazo, Dennis Granados Duran

Ducks Unlimited: Mike Sertle, Tom Pleumer, Sara Burns