Title: Hydraulic Model for Channel Networks with Hydraulic Structures

Authors: F.L. Santiago-Collazo and W. Silva Araya

Journal: Tecnología en Marcha

Many irrigation systems comprise complex channel systems including control structures. Regulation and control of water distribution for crop irrigation is necessary for sustainable agriculture. Design and analysis of hydraulic structures is essential for efficient use and conservation of water. This article presents the capabilities of a hydraulic model for solution of channel networks with hydraulic structures. The algorithm uses the Simultaneous Solution Method (SSM) to solve the continuity and energy equations in several channel reaches. The results include water depths, distribution of flows and dimensions of hydraulic structures. Two applications are presented: modeling of a reach of the Lajas Valley Irrigation System in Puerto Rico and, a channel network with design and analysis of different hydraulic structures. The SSM proved to be excellent for practical applications due to ease of use, capabilities and precision.

Publication Language: Spanish

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