CITRA provides support in research grant proposal writing and conducting academic research that suits the client’s needs. We focus on applying our in-house developed numerical model (or commercial software) to practical water-related problems. Our main focus is numerical modeling of various processes, such as:

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic
  • Sediment transport analysis
  • Groundwater and infiltration
  • Storm surge and coastal flooding
  • Multi-flood hazard events


CITRA provides data collection and processing services to help your project. We have experience in various terrains, such as steep riverine watersheds, coastal marsh wetlands, and groundwater wells. We provide the following data collection:

  • Stream discharge and surveying
  • Groundwater wells monitoring (depth and water quality)
  • RTK surveying
  • Rainfall gauge and weather station deployment

Engineering Design

Our experience of more than seven years as a licensed practitioner engineer gives us the confidence and required skills to endure any engineering design study. Our Principal Investigator has been registered as a Professional Engineer (P.E. License) since 2020 at the Puerto Rico Engineering Board. Our main services are for:

  • Hydrologic-Hydraulic Studies
  • Sediment Transport Analysis
  • Bay Circulation Assessments
  • Design of hydraulic structures: bridges, culverts, river canalization
  • Stormwater and sewer drainage systems
  • Detention and retention ponds
  • Green Infrastructure

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Education & Outreach

Education and outreach are essential components of any project. We believe that our solutions should be designed from the community perspective. CITRA has experience creating focus groups and workshops to survey community needs.

CITRA offers complementary hands-on activities and demonstrations for middle- and high-school classes in water-related concepts, such as watershed stewardship, hydrologic cycle, infiltration, coastal erosion, and green infrastructure. We also provide free tours of our Fluid Mechanics Lab hosted in the Driftmier Engineering Center, which has a channel flume and a river sediment table.

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