CITRA Lab is the nexus between research and application. We develop and implement practical solutions to complex flood problems from inland to the coast.

What We Do

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Numerical modeling: hydrologic, hydraulic, coastal, and compound events. Sediment transport analysis. Hybrid infrastructure solutions. Water equity and flood resilience.


Data collection and processing. Stream discharge and surveying. Groundwater wells monitoring. RTK surveying.

Outreach & Education

Focus groups, seminars, workshops, STEM school activities

Engineering Design

Engineering design of hydraulic structures: bridges, culverts, stormwater and sewer drainage systems, detention and retention ponds.

Our Latest


Integrating Coastal and Riverine Natural Infrastructure to Reduce Multi-Flood Hazards

As the world moves towards resilient and safe solutions against natural disasters and climate change, numerical modeling of Natural and Nature-based Features (NNBF) has been a beneficial approach in recent years. However, when it comes to estuarine regions, it is vital to analyze these features as a holistic system to understand and even predict their…

Urban Flood Mitigation using Nature-Based Solutions: the Tietê River in São Paulo City

Major impacts in hydrologic dynamics are expected due to climate change, especially in highly disordered urbanized areas like São Paulo City, which has suffered extreme flood events and water pollution. Similar consequences have been documented in other highly disordered urbanized cities in Latin America, such as Mexico City (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), and Santiago (Chile). Over…

Using Hybrid Infrastructure to Reduce Loads on Coastal Features Due to Wave Attenuation

As coastal flooding increases due to global warming, there is a growing imperative for strategies like nature-based solutions (NBS) that use ecosystems to manage floods and erosion. Observations suggest that mangroves, salt marshes, and other living shorelines can protect coastlines during extreme events such as hurricanes and tsunamis by attenuating waves from 50% to 70%….

Hurricane Idalia Data

Meteorological data from Hurricane Idalia. For more information about the data being shown, visit

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About the CITRA Lab

The Compound Inundation Team for Resilient Applications (CITRA) research group bridges the gap between academic research and practical application. Our team uses the latest technology to solve complex water resources problems covering inland and underground regions to coastal and estuarine locations. An essential component of any project is the dissemination of the results, thus CITRA engages the community and stakeholders by simplifying complex concepts into simple analogies.

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