CITRA Lab is the nexus between research and application. We develop and implement practical solutions to complex flood problems from inland to the coast.

What We Do

CITRA Lab Services


Numerical modeling: hydrologic, hydraulic, coastal, and compound events. Sediment transport analysis. Hybrid infrastructure solutions. Water equity and flood resilience.


Data collection and processing. Stream discharge and surveying. Groundwater wells monitoring. RTK surveying.

Outreach & Education

Focus groups, seminars, workshops, STEM school activities

Engineering Design

Engineering design of hydraulic structures: bridges, culverts, stormwater and sewer drainage systems, detention and retention ponds.

Our Latest


Mapping Compound Inundation along Puerto Rico’s Coastal Watersheds: A Practical Approach

Due to recent compound flood events such as Hurricane Harvey (2017), Hurricane Florence 2018), and Hurricane Sally (2020), inundation studies have transitioned from single flood hazards toward multi-hazard flood modeling approaches. A compound flood is a flooding event that encompasses multiple flood hazards (e.g., precipitation, overland runoff, riverine flow, storm surge, waves, and astronomical tides)…

Floodplain Reconnection at Shawnee National Forest Oxbow

Previous projects at this site have focused on creating shallow water impoundments to capture incoming flooding from the Big Muddy River to alleviate flood levels at the Mississippi River and its downstream communities, such as Cape Girardeau. These floodplain reconnection features hold a certain amount of volume that enhances the flora and fauna of the…

Inland Litter Hydrodynamics: Characterizing the Litter Transport during Wet Weather Events in Communities

During wet weather events, the litter accumulated in communities, e.g., along the street gutter, can be transported by the surface runoff along the city streets and storm drainage system until it reaches outlets, which could be a river or the ocean in coastal communities. Despite this, most research on litter dynamics has occurred over the…

Hydrodynamics of Henderson Creek SFWA

A levee breach at the north end of the Henderson Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area (SFWA) in Illinois allows flood waters from the Mississippi River to get into the area. But a breach at the south end lets the water right back out into Henderson Creek, which outlets downriver of Lock & Dam 18….

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About the CITRA Lab

The Compound Inundation Team for Resilient Applications (CITRA) research group bridges the gap between academic research and practical application. Our team uses the latest technology to solve complex water resources problems covering inland and underground regions to coastal and estuarine locations. An essential component of any project is the dissemination of the results, thus CITRA engages the community and stakeholders by simplifying complex concepts into simple analogies.

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